President reaffirms to be re-elected by current assemblies

KARACHI:President General Pervez Musharraf Monday once again reaffirmed that he will be re-elected as the president in uniform by the current assemblies.He had meetings with various government allied parties here on the second consecutive day of his visit to metropolitan city of lights of the country.However, he said, the decision whether to shed the uniform or not will be taken after the forthcoming general elections.The talks on the uniform issue could be held after the holding of the forthcoming general elections, he was quoted as saying.BB deal with Musharraf sources said has been stuck on the point of uniform while the President so many times said that his re-election as president will be done by the current assemblies.
The spokesman said President Gen. Musharraf informed that last year there was a direct foreign investment in the country to the tune of dollar 6.7 billion.

He said any act of terrorism or extremism affects the investment climate.

The spokesman said the President stressed that we would have to resolve the issue of terrorism and extremism through our own efforts.

He pointed out that he had the honour of entering the Holy Kaaba and visiting “Roza-i- Rasool (PBUH)” six or seven times and he first prayed for the solidarity, progress and prosperity of Pakistan and its people then he prayed for himself and his family.

The President also apprised the PML parliamentarians about his thinking with regard to the problems being faced by the country.

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The address of the President was followed by a question answer session.

The audience demonstrated appreciation of the President’s stance by lively clapping on a number of occasions during his address.

All the participants expressed agreement with the point of view of the President.

They were of the view that this is the way of carrying the country forward.

They further said if the country continues to progress at the same pace it will become a leading nation in South Asia in the next four to five years.

Expressing his views, Sindh Chief minister Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim, said Pakistan really needs President Pervez Musharraf.

He said the PML would always continue to support President Musharraf.

Sindh Chief Minister said Pakistan has achieved a record progress under the leadership of President Musharraf.